An Update From Our MD

This month sees us reach a huge milestone for Jarvis Johnson as we celebrate our 25th birthday – our silver anniversary! The Food industry (and the Recruitment industry!) has changed immeasurably since 1999.

A while ago, we invested in some external market research and the feedback about Jarvis Johnson was that we were seen as a “heritage” brand.  I suppose in an industry where many Food-focussed recruitment agencies have been bought, sold, merged or folded that being seen to have a strong heritage is a positive thing, but I am conscious that we need to make sure, that in today’s market, we are still relevant and relatable.

The Jarvis Johnson of 1999 was Peter and Lisa Johnson in their dining room (long before the term hybrid-working had ever been dreamt up!). We placed our first 1/8th page Ad in Food Manufacture magazine asking for Interim Managers to register with us. That Ad led to a call from a household-name multi-site dairy asking us to find them an Interim Technical Manager (we had 30 people on the database at that time!). We hit our networks hard and negotiated our first placement in the shade of the Colosseum – all our holidays were working holidays for the first few years!

If you’re interested, you can read about our journey to being a Technically-focussed Food Manufacturing Recruiter here.

The Jarvis Johnson of 2024

We have taken some time over the last few months to think about what really forms the essence of Jarvis Johnson and here’s our findings…

  • Our purpose is to make the recruitment process collaborative and not combative
  • We endeavour to treat all candidates with respect, giving them honest and timely feedback
  • We care about our team
  • As a team we have vast knowledge of what makes Technical Teams work and enjoy using this to help our clients
  • We want to retain our reputation as an ethical and knowledgeable “heritage brand” whilst embracing new technologies and methodologies which mean we can out-run the pack!
  • We can make real difference to Food Manufacturers who need support in building strong Technical teams

We  work with Food Manufacturers who have high Technical standards and where the Technical department is valued.

Here’s a video I recorded telling you a bit more about how what to expect when working with Jarvis Johnson…

If you’d like to have a conversation with me to discuss working together, please send an email to